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Luis Montes

Things are a little bit different. The Catalan "differential fact" is perfectly recognized in the Spanish Constitution. According to the thinking of the Official Catalonia, this region must be unique in the World, since the oppresed (by the Spanish devil, of course) are legally entitled to fine those who sign their shops in the languagje of the oppressor (Spanish). Besides, the language of the oppressors is taught as a foreing one in Catalonia. The only thing the Government want is to provide the means for those who apply for to be taught in Spanish . I am afraid that reality does not match with your story.


I would like to enhance this first comment, specially about the education issue, and maybe to call the attention of the author about the sources he/she uses, as they could be inducing him/her to some serious bias errors.

First of all, there are a hugh variety of sources claiming with clear methods that the figures of the 2012 Diada are far less than the million accounted by some otherwise responsible serious sources, including local police services and some very important spanish medias. Trying to explain why these 'responsible' sources act like they do may bring the researcher in the direction of the hard problem concerning the information he/she manage. Just as an example of sources including their methods, from all kind of orientation, catalanists and opposers:







It is just one of the last, but not the least, evidence of a political -I may unfortunately don't find other term- manipulation of facts, coming from a politically very agressive and relentless catalanist power system, in order to obtain legitimation for more power advantages (Fiscal ones are the main objective scheduled now) than they have. The main rule of its politics is that the had to appear always as the victims.

For instance, some of the catalanist messages associated with the Diada are not historically consistent at all, as long as catalanist present the conflict as a spanish agression when in fact both sides fought for Spain and its king in the context of a civil and european war. Very catalanist cities today such us Vic or Cervera fought at the Bourbon side, the last granted with a university in 1717 as a recognition. Even Barcelona received very warmly to bourbon King Felipe V in 1701-2 (Where he promised in exchange to protect their system) until they turned to the archiduc Carlos. More information about the topic is easy to find in academical abstracts, but as a resume could be interesting the following link:


It is true that Barcelona had not the rigth to commerce with America, but there were just one city in all Europe wich could, that was the case of Sevilla. In addition, catalanist don't like to remember the capital in high numbers they invested in Cuba, wich prompted their pressure in Madrid for going to war against United States in 1898, as we did. Or the role of the interior market, Spain, as an essential component of their industrialisation, which Franco and all other previous goverments deeply enabled. Or even the fact that the socialist party gave a seat to which they had no numbers and thus the right to use, in the commission that redacted our constitution. In the parlamentary session of that years are stated some promises about the respect catalanist may pay both to the rights of the spanish speaking people in Catalonia and to the common culture and legal systems. These had not been fullfilled at all. It will be easy to find by the researcher at the digital editions of the congress.

But furthermore, that was also the case during the Second Republic. A firt-hand register of the activity of the catalanist political groups during the period may be found at Manuel Azaña's (Spanish republic president) diaries and its lecture is sadly precise and powerful.

Even more, catalan was not banned from edition or public use, it was put out of the state's system and, certainly, out of the education too. An agression that is the same inmorality as today's, when spanish speaking families face huges restrictions in their rights which include, yes, fines (!).

Concerning the education issue, it can be mantained against any other data or evidence that anyone may present, that the political aim of the catalan regional goverment is that pupils living in catalonia may associate the commun culture with the rest of spain either with ruthless negative stereotypes, either in a so simple kwnoledge that is hard to say that these pupils had achieved a cult language record in spanish, their mother tongue. We are the single country in the world where such a thing happens. But that's not enough in the catalanist's relentless pursue of power...

It is true what the precedent comment states: spanish language is taught even less hours per week than english in the public and half-public systems and no other subject than spanish language or literature uses the common language. The researcher may asked in the catalan parlament the result of the catalan comission that visited Finland some years ago in order to study their educational system for a bilingual society. The truly respect for the citizens, whatever which of the two languages, swedish or finnish is chosen, is unimportant for the catalanists and their system remains, even today, rather an assimilation one.





It's a sad evidence that the catalanist dirigents, including former and actual presidents of catalonia, don't send their children to the "inmersion system" schools where they force to the people, but to private ones where spanish - and english and french... and catalan of course- is taught with more freedom than they impose.

Nowadays the pressure of the catalanist system - which includes mass funding to the medias and special control system for journalist's activity, the CAC -- https://www.cac.cat/web/informacio/index.jsp?Ng%3D%3D&MQ%3D%3D&L3dlYi9pbmZvcm1hY2lvL2NvbnRlbnRGdW5jaW9ucw%3D%3D -- is so big upon the society that some very relevant catalans had decided to leave, and they have stated their reasons in public: Albert Boadella (Very active agains Franco's dictatorship), Felix de Azua (Partner and friend of the Sajarov-prize receiver Fernando Savater), the musicians Miguel Poveda and Loquillo, the actress Loles León...

Here is a personal account of Felix de Azúa also published in EL PAIS in year 2006:


The researcher would be amazed at this and other old european hypocrisies that mark the catalan society or better said, the upper part of this dual catalan society, where the catalanists struggle to remain rulers forever. They will appear to you always as poor left winged guys struggling for rights, but it's a long life posing they have finished to master. But that's the point, with this fuzzy concept of truth and legitimation, always defining goods and bads, winners and loosers, at every "shopkeeper society", isn't it? ;-)

Kind regards,

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