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Louis Heller

Sir Edward.
It may be of some help to you to remember that GNI per capita would make all the unknighted riff-raff of the UK millionaires.
Kenya's press freedom. Hmm. Let me quote from IPSnews.net:
Last year, the government pressed anti-state charges on 15 journalists linked with a brutal media crack-down that took place in 2005, IPI says. Though they have since been released, human rights groups and press freedom bodies monitoring the country say the government has continued to repress the media through arbitrary arrests and intimidation. The country has thus been added on the IPI Watch List following grave concerns about the deteriorating media situation.
The World Bank:
Sir, do you honestly believe that such a nice, authoritative name obscures its history?
Go on. Have a sarnie and a glass of beer. Nobody's watching.

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