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Hi Richard, I've just finished the chapter about Argentina, on "when cultures collide".

I don't know how many time did you spend in my country, but this was the far most accurate definition about Argentina and Argentineans I've ever read.

Please, It would be great to get some feedback with you and chat a while about your trips.

Martin from Argentina

Guy Cookson

Great post. What a bizarre thing to do! When I was in Mexico last month I saw an ad by Absolut vodka that showed a map with Mexico's borders occupying much of the southern and western United States (as it was in 1800s before the Mexican-American war) with the tagline "In a Absolut World" which inspired a few smiles in Mexico, but has created a storm of controversy online amongst their more sober customers north of the border. In the age of the web local campaigns can become global in the blink of an eye and the click of a blog. http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/ffximage/2008/04/08/470absolut.jpg

I think one of the most notorious and truly offensive examples of this type of thing, however, was when promotional material for the Polish market showing Ford's Dagenham workers was doctored to remove black employees. The subsequent three-hour stoppage organised by the union in protest and supported by all the workers cost an estimated £2.8m, not to mention the huge PR damage done. Thankfully they've come along way since then!

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