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Mr. Chou

The boycott of Olympic is just another sign of the Sinophobia, espcecially within the declining hegemonies (of course, there's no need to mention it anymore which are the countries)...what people really afraid is not necessarily if China really has some serious problems in its human rights and civil system development, but rather China's economic progress may bother or even pose a threat to the question of the whole ideological belief namely demoncracy the western world always stresses. Can't it be that Chinese system is more efficient? At least for the economic development? How can you ask for democracy when people are still suffering from the food shortage...Marslo's hierachy theory might be right...

Stability and economic development is what China asks for in the long run. Told me once by a Chinese diplomat in Vienna : let them say whatever they want, we just have to focus on what we want to do in the long run...

One thing we have to know is that 10% GDP growth annually can't just happen without any strength of the Chinese culture itself...

China is really a DIFFERENT society! Lewis in his model put China in the end of reactive and multi-active variations means that there are many cultural divisions within the Chinese society, where everything is all relative. One can't just apply the western understanding of theoretical democracy to the Chinese system.

As what confucuis predicted: Society can't be stable and healthy if there's no guadian class to oversee and guide the whole system.

Chinese way of doing things may be not as good as what you want. But it definately works in China...

Mr Lau

Mr Chou, with all due respect for your opinions...
You quote
"Society can't be stable and healthy if there's no guardian class to oversee and guide the whole system." Guidance does not mean and never has meant SUPPRESSION
You also cite that
"Chinese way of doing things may be not as good as what you want. But it definately works in China..."
Well Id ask you, "works for who? The Tibetan people?
Do I agree we should boycott the Olympics? Absolutely NO. More good can be done by having China opened up to international scrutiny and divergent opinions, BUT PLEASE don't quote ancient philosophers using their words to try to justify Chinas actions in the areas of Human Rights, particularly when you can't even correctly apply what was said to the situation that exists.
I have done business in China for MANY years and can tell you that MORE of Chinas millions would get fed if China acted not upon local dissent of its politics, but on wholesale corruption of its local government officials who's greed actually takes food from the mouths of Chinas children

Mr. Chou

Mr. Lau, your confrontation nature really impressed me. And please forgive me, this seems very rare as a Chinese person.
The term 'supression' you used some how suggested that you are a westernized Chinese or westerner who doesnt have a clue at all about China.

Running 1.5 billion people, as Mr. Meon suggested is not an easy task...I wonder what you will do (not just by talking) if put you there? Any good suggestions?

You blamed on corruption, but this is neutral in any developing societies. The ideology itself is not about corruption. But you should rather say it is the few people that are in charge.
About the Tibetans, I guess you have no idea about the history of China. Dalai Lamas through the history always maintained a special agreement with China as its' protector. Tibet was extremely poor till the recently thanks to the development brought by the Chinese...Chinese army indeed killed many tibetans in the past because they burned their own people and villages to secure their so-called "sovereignty" nevertheless they are roits just like the ones you see today. They are eager for attentions. They merely used olympic as the facilitator for being heard...
Let them be left alone, give them independence is like killing them. Because they have no industries and the proper economic infrastructure to even support their own kind. Like Mongolia today, who is regret to be left alone. Again, how can you talk about human rights when you are still hungry? Do you think it makes sense?

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