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I wonder what will MacDonald's serve if they had to open a joint in Greenland? I suggest a delicacy of the Inuit cuisine - raw whale blubber (think of it as Jello). And do not forget to wear mukluk.
Ah, and in the Nordic countries...would it not be lovely to munch on a Rag fisk Burger?

Mr. Chou

The success of McDonald is an indication of how a dominant culture can influence the others.
According to Hofstede, both Russian and French cultures are relatively high in the uncertainty avoidance aspect. In Lewis Model, these two cultures are also lined together in the Linear active end with a certain degree of Multiactive elements. To influence the cultural beliefs of these countries. One perhaps needs more energy on changing the artifacts one ought to present.

McDonald is somewhat a symbol of the American spirit of efficiency and functional adaptability of time and space, which is largely contradicted with the traditional cultures like French and Russian. But what brought American culture powerful is it's frame.

Culture, by the end, like a person also has its frame. A strong frame guarentee you the benefits if you follow and punish you if you break.


I think the main point here is adapting to local cultures and being close to local customers.

I have noticed McDonald's in Japan serving shrimps, teriyaki etc local flavors, but even better example is Coca-Cola

In Japan, the best selling soft drink is not cola, as (canned) tea and coffee are more popular. As such, the Coca-Cola Company's best selling brand here is not Coca-Cola, but Georgia canned coffee. Which was selling 3 times more than Coke.

Even my Japanese colleagues were surprised when we confirmed this from Coca-Coala Japan's annual report.

You can get some idea of how many different and partly local brands they have from this list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Coca-Cola_brands


im so glad i have been looking for information on how McDonalds have influenced the cultural change on the Russians. I dont know if i can say they have been changed , i nned to know how there culture was like before and how it has canged with thecoming of McDonalds

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