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Edgar Valdmanis

Hmmmm..."Until we define our terms in ways that mean something". I'm not sure this will help. "Means something" to whom?
On the other hand *explaining* what certain terms and sayings mean could get us a long way. An example of this is given at the end of the post. When the British say "interesting idea", they usually don't mean it. There must be similar examples from other cultures worth noting, and getting these things known would help us towards better understanding, integration etc etc

Guy Cookson

I totally agree with Michael's post. The very British way of "muddling through" the cultural differences that have for so long existed within our country really need to be addressed with a greater sense of urgency and honesty. The superbly frank and heartfelt speech Barack Obama recently delivered on race relations (and tensions) in the United States should be the benchmark against which British political discourse on this topic is measured. We need to stop mumbling platitudes and start meeting the challenge of diversity head on with positive and constructive actions, such as cross-culture training, because we will only start to break down the walls between us if we can understand and appreciate what is on the other side.

A transcript of the speech can be found here by the way:

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